Our Favorite Music Lesson Supplementary Videos

Your K-2 age student doesn’t feel like practicing today?

Don’t worry…

There are other ways to supplement the “at instrument” practice with concepts and skills that will help make connections during the actual instrument practice (that might be better off saved for tomorrow) without “losing” a day of practice. There are many different ways to practice away from the instrument…some of those options might include Music Note Flash Cards, naming notes out loud in a new song, guided reading (note naming for the young), and watching an educational yet funny video with a catchy tune that encourage memory of basic concepts.

For example, I tell my students Every Good Boy Does Fine frequently…and they forget! But after I showed The Music Show video on Lines and Spaces ONCE they remembered Elephants Get Big Dirty Feet without prompting!

Our favorite classroom review and practice lesson home practice videos are some of the videos called The Music Show from music publisher Hal Leonard.


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